Servicing Your Car

Servicing your car is absolutely vital to it’s performance and fuel-efficiency. Make sure that you go to your dealer or local garage at least twice a year for oil changes and routine maintenance. Have them inspect your tires for wear and rotate them, check the brakes and keep the air […]

Winter Gas Saving Tips

I just wrapped up interviews for the book with the Toronto Star’s and the CAA Magazine. Their articles were all about “Winter Driving Tips” to save gas. There’s a ton of them that I shared, but one of the most important related to your car’s front windshield “defroster”. This […]

Stop Speeding Start Saving

One of the biggest ways to reduce your gas bill is to stop speeding. On the highway, 93 km/h is the most fuel-efficient speed to drive. For every 10 km/h that you drive over this limit, you are burning up an extra 10% of your expensive fuel. The average speed […]