Gas Generators – Supplementing the Energy Needs of Oilfield Facilities

oilfiled gas generatorsOil and gas are very important commodities in our modern world as they help to provide many of the energy needs necessary to keep everything in motion. Take for instance cars, trucks, ships, ferries, diesel locomotives, and planes; they all require fuel so that their internal combustion engine will work and be able to carry out their role in our modern day’s incessant need for energy. The truth is without energy, many of the things we take for granted will come at a standstill. This is why the ever-increasing need for oil and gas has compelled oil companies to seek out oil reservoirs buried deep beneath the earth that has yet to be tapped.

The truth is that the oil industry is a very lucrative commerce that fulfills the desire of many to profit from it. Even though most untapped oil reserves are on locations that are not exactly habitable, the demand to extract and product oil and gas enables men to build and create a habitat surrounding oil wells that have been successfully harnessed for oil recovery and extraction. The facility created surrounding the oilfield, regardless of its geographical location, is enough to sustain living habitat for all the crew working there for a few months at a time.

Of course, to live comfortably in a facility that too requires energy, specifically electricity, to power up all the essential mechanical and digital equipment necessary for the overall optimal functioning of the plant facility and at the same time provide living comforts to all those who inhabit the oilfield plant during their work shift. This includes lighting, air-conditioning, heating, and other essential stuff us humans find necessary for comfort. The electricity that supplies all the necessary electrical power nowadays comes from natural gas generators.

Oilfield gas generators have always been an essential part in the proper functioning of an oilfield plant facility. Since nearly all equipment and computers require electricity to run, if not for electric generators, powering up the crucial equipment for crude extraction is not possible. In the past, diesel generators were often used as they not only generated more power than their petrol counterpart, but the internal combustion of the diesel engine was also economical as it was able to power oilfields longer and better using the same volume of fuel. However, the downside to using diesel-powered generators is that they are noisy and that the exhaust fumes they emit is not exactly pleasant.

Through better advancement in mechanical and internal combustion technology, engineers have found a way to utilize natural gas as a means of powering up generators. Natural gas generators have become the must-have equipment for any oilfield facility as the power they create is not only decent and on par with other similar-sized generators, but the fumes emitted is also clean and not foul smelling. Add that to the fact that natural gas generators are also quieter when operating makes natural gas-powered generators a luxurious necessity for every oilfield facility located everywhere.

It is safe to say that when it comes to powering a remotely located oilfield plant, natural gas generators are the primary choice of those who will be living under oilfield plant conditions. The added benefit of having a much quieter operations means that the crew designated to man the rig for a certain period will not have to suffer from the noise pollution generated by diesel-powered generators. In addition to this, the quieter environment also enables the crew to work effectively and efficiently and for longer periods as their body does not get subjected to the loud diesel engine noise that they psychologically try to drown and block which inadvertently consumes and saps their physical energy.…