Servicing Your Car

Servicing your car is absolutely vital to it’s performance and fuel-efficiency. Make sure that you go to your dealer or local garage at least twice a year for oil changes and routine maintenance. Have them inspect your tires for wear and rotate them, check the brakes and keep the air filter clean and clear. whatever… Read More »

Winter Gas Saving Tips

I just wrapped up interviews for the book with the Toronto Star’s and the CAA Magazine. Their articles were all about “Winter Driving Tips” to save gas. There’s a ton of them that I shared, but one of the most important related to your car’s front windshield “defroster”. This system uses the air conditioner… Read More »

Stop Speeding Start Saving

One of the biggest ways to reduce your gas bill is to stop speeding. On the highway, 93 km/h is the most fuel-efficient speed to drive. For every 10 km/h that you drive over this limit, you are burning up an extra 10% of your expensive fuel. The average speed on the highway seems to… Read More »

No More Idling Your Gas Away

We all know that idling our car is bad on so many levels and we’ve been told so many times. But we still keep doing it! In many cities, you can be fined for idling your car for more than 3 minutes. Cars are meant to be driven on an open road and that’s where… Read More »

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Saving Gas is Catching On

On my way to a Television interview for the book today. I saw a very slow car in the right hand lane on the highway. I always drive in the right lane and stay below 100 to save gas, but this person was doing 90 km/h. It seemed really slow! I caught up to them,… Read More »

About the Book

With gas prices at record levels, everyone is looking for ways to help save money at the pump. An indispensable guide, 75 Ways to Save Gas is packed with simple and easy-to-do tips to increase the fuel efficiency of your vehicle and lighten your environmental footprint at the same time. For example, did you know… Read More »

Critical Acclaim

“A comprehensive and timely guide to save your money.” – Matt Galloway, Host, CBC Radio’s “Metro Morning” “If you want to cut your fuel bill, Jim Davidson’s book has 75 ways to help you.” – John Tory, Host, NewsTalk 1010’s “Live Drive” “I thought I’d try using some of it’s advice to save some money…… Read More »